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Body to Scalp Hair Transplant Evolving Trends in Body Hair Transplantation

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Having thick and lustrous hair is a blessing since it is a great asset of our personality. Apart from the head, there is extra hair on some other parts of the body such as face, chest, arms, and legs. Now, with the latest technologies and methods, you can utilize it on your scalp through a body to scalp hair transplant Dubai.

Evolving trend in hair transplantation

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles from the baldness resistant area of the scalp plucked out to place at the balding parts of the scalp. Sometimes, due to the lack of potential donor hair on the scalp, the donor follicles are taken from other parts of the body and the procedure is called as a body to scalp hair transplant.

Characteristics of body hair

Body hair is not similar to the scalp hair. It is shorter in length, different in texture and is called as villus hair, which does not grow longer. Moreover, the body hair stays in the Telogen phase for longer than the scalp hair, which causes more hair to fall on the body.

Despite the fact that body hair is weaker and unpredictable, surgeons may find potential donor hair from your body that matches the characteristics of the scalp hair.

If you want to enhance your outlook by getting a natural looking hair transplant, then consult an expert hair transplant surgeon for that. An expert surgeon will be able to identify you hair loss type, a number of potential donor hair on your body and suggest you a suitable treatment for your condition. Here are the steps of evaluating your scalp before the hair transplant.

Examination of the recipient area

Initially, a doctor will examine your hair loss areas with the latest techniques and tools to identify the type of hair loss and number of grafts that are required to fill up the bald patches on your scalp.

Examination of the donor area

After the required number grafts are determined, the surgeon will examine the donor areas on the scalp to collect graft from there. If you don’t have enough number of donor grafts available on the scalp, the surgeon will either extract them from other parts of the body.

Finding your candidacy for the hair transplant

After examination of donor and recipient areas, an expert hair transplant surgeon will be able to tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for surgical hair restoration or not. If yes, he or she will extract hair follicles from the donor areas and place them in the recipient areas.

Results of the body to scalp hair transplantation

Since finding potential donor grafts from the body hair is difficult, the results may not be as effective as in the scalp hair transplantation. Moreover, body to scalp hair transplant requires higher skills of the surgeon.

Book a Free Consultation

Since only experience and qualified surgeons can perform body to scalp hair transplant, you can find them at Hair transplant Dubai clinic. Our surgeons have all the knowledge about the latest techniques and procedures of the body to scalp hair transplant. They are also able to perform hair transplant on curly hair.

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