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Hair Loss, High-Fat Diets & Scientific Advances

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According to some recent researches at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic, hair loss and fat diets are closely related to each other.

Hair loss due to fat diets and treatments

A recent study has shown not only the link between the fat diets and hair loss but also proposes the techniques to cure that. The research was held by feeding a fat diet to a number of people to figure out its effects in different patients. The group of people which were given the fat-enriched diet showed a greater hair loss as compared to the people who were given the normal diet.

Other diets that are responsible for hair loss

Having a healthy is not only necessary for your well being but also for the hair growth. Having a dieting routine that is insufficient of important nutrients and mineral is can affect the normal growth of hair, sometimes leads to excessive hair loss.

A sedentary lifestyle including a diet enriched with fat and cholesterol just not affect your overall health but also affects the hair growth.

Smoking habits and untimely sleep can alter the natural growth cycles of your hair.

Hair restoration solutions

There might not be very feasible answers available for complete baldness, but there exist effective remedies to restore the hair thinning and hair loss through surgical and non-surgical ways.

The hair loss experts at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic provide you the great solutions to enhance the performance of hair follicles and to regrow the lost ones.

PRP therapy

A non-surgical technique in which your own blood is used to obtain the platelet-rich plasma, which is then inserted into the bald and thinning parts if the scalp to stimulate the hair growth.

PRP therapy has been proven successful in dealing with several hair loss conditions, baldness and hair thinning in men and women.


The treatments start with a clinician taking out a sample of blood from your body. That sample is then inserted in a special apparatus or centrifuge, which is capable to separate the higher plasma fluid from the blood. The separated Platelet-rich plasma is taken and is inserted into the bald and thinning parts of the scalp through a series of injections.

Low-level laser light therapy through HairMax laser band

Low-level laser therapy is a viable option when dealing with the hair loss and hair thinning issues. It helps to stimulate the hair growth by exerting the low-level laser lights on the hair follicles.

It works similar to the process of photosynthesis in plants by restoring the damaged follicles and stimulating the growth of existing ones.

There are many devices and tools to perform the low-level laser light therapy but the most effective one is the HairMax laser band. It optimally exerts the low-level laser lights into the deep hair follicles so that they get benefited the most and enhance their growth.

To get further assistance to reach us at hair Transplant Dubai clinic.

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