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How much does a good hair transplant cost?

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The first question that arises in the minds of most of the people when they are planning to undergo a hair transplant is, what is the cost of hair transplantation procedure?

Although the prices of hair transplants vary from country to country, city to city and ever from clinic to clinic depending upon the standard of procedure and geographical location. Here, we will try to figure out the Hair transplant cost in Dubai.

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that has no fixed prices and cost, varies from patient to patient depending upon the several factors that include.

Selected technique

The cost of a hair transplant is primarily dependent on the type of technique that you have chosen for the procedure. Traditionally, Follicular Unit Transplant that involves removal of the strip to obtain donor graft is a less expensive procedure than Follicular Unit Extraction, which involves the removal of individual follicular unit.

The required number of grafts

Depending on the severity of hair loss and baldness, the required number of grafts differ for every individual. Most of the surgeon charge for per graft, per graft cost in a hair transplant in Dubai is AED 10. Moreover, the per graft cost of every hair transplantation technique is different, which be disclosed at the time of the pre-op session with your doctor.

The expertise of the surgeon

The cost of a hair transplant also varies from one surgeon to another due to the personal expertise and expertise of the surgeons. Surgeons who have high success rate may charge more than others. However, you will be told about each and everything about your upcoming hair transplant procedure during the pre-consultation with your doctor.

Area to cover

Larger the bald area on the scalp more will be the cost of your hair transplant. We examine the hair transplant cost for particular cases by using Norwood scalp. Moreover, you can use our online graft calculator here to determine the real cost of your hair transplant.

Here are the steps to use our online graft calculator

#1 Select the area of the scalp where you want to grow hair

Select your type of hair loss from Norwood scale that suits your particular pattern of hair loss.

#2 select the hair density that you want to achieve

We have set the values for baldness from 0 to 40. O means full baldness and 4o means the maximum amount of outcomes that you can enjoy. Select your desired number with accordance t your desired outcomes.

#3 see your number of grafts in the calculator

After you have inputted all the details, the graft calculator will show you the exact amount of grafts that are required for your desired outlook. After that, you can calculate the exact cost by multiplying the number of grafts to the per graft cost.

Get more assistance

If you are still confused about the cost of hair transplant, don’t worry and book a FREE consultation with our experts at hair transplant Dubai clinic. Just fill an online form on our website and we will get back to you shortly after that.

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